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One day, while driving to work, I saw a space of land about to undergo development. On the contractor’s project notification board was written, ‘Breaking new grounds’. The slogan, if I may call it so, sent a great message down my spines because I saw beyond a building engineer asking the builders to dig a foundation meant for an edifice. In my thought pattern, I could imagine the type of mentality possessed by the contractor, and his ability to see beyond a physical construction. In the mindset of the engineer, as I empathically positioned myself, I saw the sprouting of new businesses, employment opportunities, growth and development, etc. I concluded that it takes someone that has a futuristic attitude to see beyond the immediate; it takes someone who is a visionary to look beyond what people with ordinary eyes can’t see.

What does it mean to break a new ground? Sitting on top of a double Decker bus near the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, London; for the first time, I saw an uncovered foundation of a massive building about to be developed. After digging the ground, the engineers, in orderly manner, knocked heavy cylindrical rods into the ground; each rod was very massive. To them, breaking a new ground does not only entail digging the ground but also piercing it with things that will make the building reliable and dependable. As someone that has lived a few years on earth, I have realised that ground breakers either put something into the ground or get something out. When the farmer breaks a ground, he puts seeds inside; after a while, he also breaks it to get his harvest. When the oil explorer breaks a new ground, his intention is to find the black gold; petroleum. When an entrepreneur breaks a new ground, his motive is to make profits. Efforts will become futile if there is no return on investment. The purpose of every genuine ground breaker is to create values, discover values, or add values. Everyone who thinks formidably acts responsibly; ground breakers are people with great characters.

My simplest definition of breaking new grounds is the ability to create new opportunities with respect to your own identity. What do I mean by your own identity? Your identity is what you’re cut out for. Your identity is your creative talent; what you know how to do best. You can only innovate what you know best; if you aren’t good in it, you will get lost in the basics. How can you misunderstand the basics, but yet call it a career, profession or talent? In most talent shows especially singing, I sometimes feel like getting into the television screen to throw some people out of the stage because even with my croaky voice, I can do better than some of them. Sometimes, I do blame their families and friends for ever allowing them go on air to embarrass them. It is impossible to break a new ground where you haven’t been broken. Those who are broken in certain skills have the depth consciousness of those skills. Those who are broken in certain talents have the depth consciousness of those talents. You can’t chart a new course in something that you’re cursed. Your blessing is in your originality; your originality is in your genuineness; your genuineness is in your true gift and talent. If you want to break a new ground, focus on who you truly are; be yourself. Your true image is what becomes fruitful; anything else is a waste of time.

How can you break a new ground?

1.      Discover who you are; stop being a duplicate of someone else. You can’t be a Beyounce if you were made to be Alice. Stop dreaming of becoming Usain Bolt when you can’t do a 10 metre race.

I remember one day when two of my friends invited me to join them in a race; I still regret ever wearing that oversized pair of shoes. We weren’t a quarter close to the ‘to’, let alone the ‘fro’; when I was panting like a trouble antelope that saw a hungry lion. When they saw my frustration, they thought they could motivate me; they said, ‘Common Ken, you can do it’. In my mind, I said, ‘Do what? This man you’re running with is at the edge of fainting; please leave me alone’. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I told them that we’ll meet at home. Running has never been my passion and will never be my passion; no amount of motivation can make it be; it’s needless making a fool of myself.

Do you know that a lot of people dabble into trouble by doing what they’re not meant for? Do you know that a lot of people even dabble into double trouble by trying to break new grounds in things that they don’t have a clue? On the long run, the grounds resist them because they weren’t meant to be there. To break a new ground, be who you were made to be.

2.      Understand your purpose; your purpose is your identity. Listen; talent is raw, but skill is refined. If you wear raw gold, people will mock you. To succeed in your talent, you must develop the skills that come with your talent; if you don’t, you will, with your indifferent attitude place a limitation on yourself. If your skill requires excellent communication, and you’re someone that says, ‘I wented there, instead of, I went there’, do something about your deficiencies’. Remember, New York slangs are not accepted where life really matters; the London cockney accent can’t be condoned when those who rule this world gather; the Nigerian pidgin English can’t be tolerated when the world’s top entrepreneurs meet to discuss vital issues. Dig into the relevant skills that will make you stand out in your relevant call. Apart from acquiring the right skills, you need the relevant information; and please, don’t just be informed, be updated. Many computer software receive regular updates because of the high level of technological competition within the industry. If software is updated, why can’t you do the same? Anyone at the cutting edge of understanding never gets embarrassed when duty calls. People with first class understanding are always itching for opportunities to display their talents, while those deformed, misinformed or under-informed enjoy buying time. Skills, information and updates help you understand your purpose.

3.      Don’t sleep or rest on just knowing the basics; be creative; be innovative. Creativity and innovation are the keys to breaking new grounds. People, who are creative and innovative, are die hard strategists and tacticians. Developing a new concept requires creativity and innovation. Whether in talent, gift, business, career or profession; those who break new grounds stand out of the crowd. To break new grounds, you must be creative in your thinking; to break new grounds, you must embrace creative imagination. You don’t need to be the Late Steve Jobs to do it; do it in your own style and uniqueness. There is something that you can do better than anyone; yes, I mean better than anyone. Search for it; live for it; do it now!

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My heart gets broken when I see various people all over the world who don’t realise that they have  something unique within them. I do feel very sad especially when I observe people who idolize celebrities unknown to them that there is a celebration already going on within them. One of the bitterest pills in life to swallow is the realisation that you have treasure within when it’s too late. In different continents of the world, there are treasures in beggars’ uniforms. In every human being, there is a value far bigger than secular education lying untouched within; that treasure is called gift. The role of secular education is to help discover what is in man, but unfortunately, it is structured in such a way that it doesn’t. Except education becomes purposeful, most people won’t be able to discover why they’re on earth. You are on earth with a gift to fulfil an assignment. Your gift is your special ability or capacity, natural endowment, or talent. Your gift is something given voluntarily to you without payment or return. Your gift is something bestowed on you or acquired by you without any particular effort or without you earning it; it is a talent you perform with ease and maximum enjoyment. Your gift was given to you to stand out on earth; it was given to you to make a difference on earth.
How can you build your gift?
1. Discover every assignment you can naturally perform with ease, and concentrate on your maximum strength: every man can perform more than one task in life. Some people can design clothes, braid hair, and sing. For the fact a woman can perform these three functions does not mean that she can maximise the three functions. To excel, she has to choose the function she can perform most. The function she can perform most does not have to be the one she loves most, because there is a place to draw a line between passion and strength. The area a person performs most is where she excels most. When deciding on a gift, focus on your strength; passion is secondary after strength.
2. Make an outstanding choice: quality and excellence are the watch words in a gift. For every gift you manifest, there are a million and one people who operate with similar gift. To make a difference, you must bring into that gift, what other similar gifted people have not introduced. If you do not, you will be like one of those common products in the market that are ordinary. The world is looking for uniqueness; the world is searching for something different. Microsoft brought something different; it dazzled the world. Apple took it to another level, and dazzled the world much more than its competitors. If you want to stun your world, search for the uniqueness within you. In spite of various people operating in the same gift, each one has his uniqueness. Your uniqueness will make you outstanding. You don’t need to be Microsoft or Apple to be unique; do it in your little way!
3. Test the product: one major problem a lot of people have when operating in their gifts for the first time is haste. Haste easily destroys a good talent. When you make your product or design your service, don’t be in a hurry to manifest. Test the product. An untested product or service will be embarrassed in the marketplace. For instance, if you’re a singer with a recorded demo, don’t rush into producing a CD or DVD. Allow unbiased independent people listen to your music, analyse it,and offer constructive criticisms. If you wrote a book, let people who are not emotionally attached to you read it, and criticise it. In the course of writing, I have discovered that whether African, Asian, English, or American, some of the words we speak are not actually English language. If your book is not proofread by professionals, you may as well have written junk. Test the product!
4. Review the product: product review is done after market research; that is, after testing the product. During product review, you must strengthen all the weaknesses discovered during your test. What is the essence of conducting a product test if you’re not willing to effect the changes required? There is the need to adjust the product in order to meet with potential customer expectation. Review helps you refine and fine-tune your talent or product based on the information you gathered from independent market research. Tell people to be honest in their opinions of your product, but never get offended; just review it.
5. Promote the product: in recent times, due to the advent of social media networks, promoting talent, product, or service has become easier and cheaper. These days, you don’t need to pay anyone to sell yourself or product. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, free blogging websites like Blogger, WordPress, etc; to promote your gift. All you need to do is to be aggressive, vibrant, and consistent in your promotion. As you promote, shut your ears to busy bodies who will feel that you’re taking it too far; there are lots of bad bellies on social media networks. Connect with the right people; also connect with the right organisations. Proper networking and promotion will help you create better awareness for your gift or product.
6. Realise that making a hit is a heat: some months ago, I watched one of Tyler Perry’s mentoring videos, where he said that when he began operating in his gift, for many years, he would organise shows but nobody would show up. In spite of the challenges, he never gave up. Today, Tyler Perry is one of America’s greatest actors, directors, screenwriters, playwrights, songwriters, producers, academy award winners,and multimillionaires. Tyler took the heat, and so, made a hit. To make the hit, you must take the heat. As you take the heat, stay put until something happens. If you’re convinced that it is your calling, don’t run away because of the challenges. The challenges are there to shape you. To build an admirable gift, you need the shaping to fit into the hole of success!

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More than a decade ago, while listening to a University Statistics Lecturer, I stuck into my memory one statement he made. He said, ‘repetition is the key to intelligence’. For so many years I have thought that those who have the ability to assimilate information all at once were the most intelligent people. I never realised until then that those with quick understanding as well as those who need to behold it over and over again are all intelligent, inasmuch as the information ends up being retained. Due to many people’s ignorance on the true definition of intelligence, a lot of people with delayed understanding have felt inferior  before those they perceive to be smarter. The truth is that everybody is smart; all it takes is the time to prove it.

Having realised this, I have always adopted this psychological belief is teaching my children. Although, one can sometimes be impatient in transferring information to another person, but one key I have continuously used to unlock the door of knowledge into another person or people is by teaching or saying it over and over again. I am an emphatic teacher; expressing important points through high and audible tones and at the same time repeating it more than three times. When I introduce a new Mathematics or English comprehension topic to my little children, I never panic if they will understand because I make the assumption that they may not understand at first. My comfort stems from the fact that I’m ready to teach it over and over again until they see the answers in their dreams.

In my personal studies, I adopt  the same approach. If I truly want to learn something, that topic will regret ever meeting me. Even if I grasp the information all at once, I am not just interested in quick understanding but retention. Your ability to recall a sizeable portion of what you learned after a couple of years is determined by how much knowledge you retained. So, you may quickly understand, but how much do you recall after a few years down the line. It is repetition that will make you recall a whole lot of the information you ingested a couple of years behind.

Another lesson I have learned from repetition is that it is the basis of reproduction. Reproduction, not in the sense of producing humans but on the platform of creativity. I have discovered that whatever you know very well, you can adapt and innovate. From a basic design, you can redesign and reformat what is already in existence. The advancement of technology began from the basics of Physics and Mathematics.Today, most people involved in technological designs are neither Physicists nor Mathematicians, but their adept knowledge of these subjects is the foundation of their creativities. If they hadn’t repeatedly engaged in the basics, they won’t gain access into the unknown. You can’t research into something you have not reviewed.

As a trained Biochemist, I am conversant with the centrifuge machine. The centrifuge machine is used for separating different extracts. What it does is separate the solid particles in a solution from the liquid. The solid becomes sediment at the bottom of the test tube while the liquid remains on top. The centrifuge machine uses the principle of spin or revolution just like the washing machine. By spinning or revolving the test tube at high speed, separation occurs. A spin or revolution is based on the principle of repetition in a circular motion. Where there is repetition, there is separation. To be separate from those who are lazy in imbibing information or knowledge, you must repeatedly assimilate it until you fully retain it. Without continuous spin, revolution or repetition, you can’t retain the sediment or main ingredient of information.

Learning begins with consciousness, but as you repeatedly learn the same thing, you unconsciously perform the task excellently without even thinking about it. Repetition helps you reiterate.Repetition gives you a second and more chances of perfecting what you think you neither know nor understand. Everyone is intelligent; no one is a dullard. If you simply repeat it, you will easily recall it. Repetition is regurgitation. Repetition is a form of meditation. When you continually ponder on a specific subject, you’ll become a specialist is that subject. If you feel you’re slow in understanding, never mind, just continually repeat your ingestion, and you will see how smart you are!

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Dear Mabel

Sometimes in life, its difficult to explain in words the inner impressions of your heart. Sometimes on earth, as you wake up to behold the brightness of the moon in your night season, you cannot in clear terms assign symbols to the thoughts of the crevices of your inward being. Such is the case with the impact you made in my life Mabel.

23 years ago, as I sat on the couch to tell the story of this little boy who was almost choked to death by the smoke from a woodless land, the life you breath into him made him live till date. He was abandoned; he was left to die; no one needed him. Out of desperation, he sat in frustration, looking miserable like a hyena brought out of the stormy sea. In spite of his hopeless situation, you stood to bear the pains of an orphan. You were there when the world deliberately went to bed in order to feign ignorance that they never knew that someone was at the edge of precipice. Thank you Mabel for saving another life. Thank you for standing when all decided to sit. Thank you for rescuing when others decided to rest. Thank you for saving when others decided to shave. Thank you for caring when many decided to scare.

Mabel, when I get to heaven, I will tell Papa how you stood by the doorway and told me that life is possible for everyone who believes. I will bring out the handkerchief you gave me to wipe my tears when the torment of life was about to tear me down. You words were stirrers, challenging me to get out of the doldrums of apathy and malaise. You woke up the hunger in me; you made me get angry with the comfort of being satisfied with the ordinary; my hunger gave rise to expectation. Today, I am pregnant with the vision; I'm almost nearing my due date. Though the travails of labour sometimes, seem to overshadow my expectations, but as I look back, I always remember your words of wisdom. You always told me that seeing beyond the barrier makes you go beyond the barrier. You said to me, 'No man can stop you from reaching where you see. If it is see-able, it is possible'. Now I know, that the pain of labour is the pain of gain. I won't feel like I'm in torment when I go through its way, because soon, I will laugh all the way.Since I know it will soon be my due date, I will push the vision until I birth it, because true visions are not born through cesarean; so, I must strive to push until I hear the new born cry. Mabel, I remember the words of my grandma. She always said that, 'if you don't desire it with the whole of your heart, you don't really require it. To get it, you must die for it'. Since I've realised that people who are half full don't act like they really need it because they have something to run back to, I have decided to be an empty vessel, so that I can always be filled. Some people have said I am desperate, but they never understood that I'm just hungry. Therefore, when I look back, there's nothing to run back to; my bridge is burnt, all I see is the vision; nothing but the vision.

In conclusion Mabel, continue to be who you are. Though some may consider you to be a fool, never diminish your passion to save the dying world. In a little while, you will be rewarded for sticking to who you were made to be. Keep walking on the road of purpose; never go left or right. You were born to be a world changer!

Love you forever


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A position is a condition with reference to place, location, or situation that is appropriate, proper, and usual. A position is a status, standing, circumstance, disposition, or arrangement. The meaning of position goes beyond a conventional definition of a level, dimension, or potential. The difference between a proactive and a laidback person is their abilities to take advantage or ignore the principles of positioning. The position a person assumes determines his type and level of contacts. Contacts go beyond phone numbers, email addresses, or office or home addresses. Contact is the ability to access the strategic cooperation of association. Contact is the ability to win the mindset of anyone who occupies the seat of strategic connection. Success is not achieved by luck; success is achieved by deliberately adhering to winning principles. Winning principles are the building blocks of the laws of life and success. Anyone who has succeeded made a deliberate decision to succeed by obeying the laws of success. Success never discriminates against those who obey its rules; it only discriminates against lawbreakers. Those who don’t obey success principles are jailed in the prison built on the base of the pyramid of life. Right positioning puts you in an environment where your skills can be noticed. Right positioning puts you in a location where those who matter will observe your perseverance. Right positioning puts you in a dimension of qualification for promotion. If you’re not rightly positioned, no matter how much you complain, it won’t change a single thing.

How do you position yourself for success?
To position yourself for success, you must do the following:

Be Prepared:
talent is not preparation; it is a gift. You can be talented but if not prepared, your talent will end up a raw material; you can’t put crude oil in a tank of a car; it will knock the engine. One of the worst crimes a man can commit against his vision, dream, purpose, and destiny is for opportunity to knock on his door when his either ill-prepared or not prepared at all. The unfortunate thing is that most people are caught in the web of lack of preparation, yet, keep asking for privileges. Privileges are caps that fit the heads of prepared people. There’s someone I know that had the opportunity to be appointed to a position of being a representative of a government, but he was semi-educated. He had every chance to upgrade himself, but chose to remain on the same level. When the position for elevation called, he was found wanting. Preparation is the development that pushes you to the level of opportunities. Opportunities are always up, it takes those who go up to reach them; preparation takes you up.

Be consistent in and with what you do: consistency is the degree of density, firmness, and viscosity. Consistency is steadfast adherence to disciplined and winning principles, forms, or course. Consistency is synonymous to reliability, continuation, and coherence with creative principles. There is every need to form the habit of continuity in what you are designed to do; everyone was designed to fulfil an assignment. When you embark on your design, don’t do it like it’s a hobby. Every design was drawn to create a product of legacy. To make something of legacy, the character of consistency is required. Consistency positions a man for success. A talented man who is not consistent in pruning his talent will end up in a raw state. An intellectual who is inconsistent in updating himself will be outdated. A businessman who is inconsistent with prevailing business and marketing ideas will go bankrupt. Consistency is a product of hardwork; consistency is a product of self discipline. No one can properly position himself if he is inconsistent with the principles inclined to his calling, vision, or purpose.

Take advantage of opportunities: opportunities come in different shapes, forms, colours, and sizes. Some people identify them; some don’t. There are people sleeping and waking up with opportunities but cannot identify them. There are people dining and wining with opportunities but do not realise it. A man cannot identify what he cannot see; a man cannot take advantage of what he cannot behold. Opportunities are rough and sometimes very dirty. Opportunities appear insignificant most times. Opportunities sometimes, speak with the voice of lack of seriousness; this voice appears passive a times. If you’re not sensitive, you cannot take advantage of what should add immense value to your life. Problems are opportunities that help people break into new information. Problems are privileges begging for new forms of research. Problems are not always hazards. If you see every situation as an opportunity to create a positive difference, you will succeed in every endeavour of your life. Take advantage of opportunities; be sensitive to opportunities.

You must deliver: some people are given opportunities but cannot deliver. To deliver means to do or carry out an assigned responsibility as promised. Sometime ago, I was in a workshop where someone was given an opportunity to make a presentation. When he was introduced, he was hiding behind the sound engineers; I was shocked. When he finally took over the microphone, he was dithering and shivering. In my opinion, the presentation was flawed. If you take advantage of an opportunity, please deliver. If you don’t deliver, you won’t be recalled.

Finally, you must realise that success is not coincidence; it is a deliberate determination to step out of the ordinary. Success is not an accident; if it was, all successful people will be in their graves. To succeed, you must obey the laws of success; one of the laws of success is proper positioning. If you want to be successful, you must put yourself in the location of successful people. Location is not always geographical; it is sometimes non-geographical. Positioning is not always in form of physical boundaries; it is mainly developmental. Develop yourself; grow yourself by acquiring and constantly developing the skills necessary for your calling. Exhibit the right characters, and you will succeed!

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One day, while on the bus heading to work, one guy was sitting beside me. For the trip, the passengers were to make payments thrice. So, at three specific points of the journey, payments were to be made. At point one, I brought my money out and gave to the conductor. As he was handing my change over to me, the guy sitting beside me stretched his hand and collected my money. I was about protesting when I saw his monstrous face, out of fear, I kept quiet. So, he took my change with ease, as if I was born to pay his wages. When the bus got to point two of the journey where the passengers were to make another payment, this guy once again, stretched his hand and collected my change. His audacity and arrogance shocked me; fear took the better part of me. I was shivering like a jelly fish. I couldn’t get off the vehicle because I didn’t want to be late to work. I was panicking and was in a state of misdemeanour. I kept wondering what would happen when we’re to make the third payment. At pay-point three, I once again gave the conductor my fare, and this bully, one more time, collected my change. At this point, the lion in me rose up. I went wild like a beast in the jungle. I held his neck and gave him a knock-out punch (Mike Tyson wouldn’t have done better). I then dipped my hand into his pocket and collected all the money inside, including those that weren’t mine. I said to him, ‘Do you think you can keep stealing from me? This should be the last time you ever dare take what is mine’When I finished making that statement, I woke up from sleep! It was a dream!!

I sat beside my bed and pondered for a long time. I looked at the meaning and implication of the dream. I thought about lost opportunities and privileges. I was angry with my circumstance. I was infuriated with the status quo. Though glad that I took back what I’d lost, I was still angry that life tried robbing me by short changing me. As I sat there, buried in deep thoughts, a question popped out of my heart. ‘Who is this bully?’ I heard. Like most people, my spontaneous answer was, ‘It’s the devil’. After my response, came the second question. ‘If the devil is innocent, who would this bully be?’ ‘Of course, my enemies’ was my next answer. The voice again asked, ‘If your enemies are innocent, who would this thief be?’ At this point, I knew that if the devil and my ‘enemies’ are not responsible, the only person that it could be, is me!

Everyone was born to fulfil an assignment on earth. Everyone was born to excel. Everyone was called to make a difference on earth. But will everyone fulfil his assignment? Will everyone excel? Will everyone make a difference? The painful answer is NO! Why? The thief in man prevents man from reaching his expected destination. The bully in man prevents man from fulfilling his assignment. This thief or bully is called excuses. For many years, I knew convincingly that I was called to be a writer. I made excuses for decades why I can’t and shouldn’t. I would say to myself, ‘Who knows me? Who would buy the books of an unknown man? I don’t have the influence. I’m not eloquent. I have speech impediment’ I kept making excuses until my excuses began to rob me of my future and destiny. As a result, life became more frustrating and bitter. Until I began walking in my calling, I continuously felt a void in my heart that nothing could fill. The first day I made a decision to follow my purpose in life; I felt an unusual peace within. In spite of the storms I’ve faced afterwards, that peace never disappeared. It is the peace that has steered me through the storm.

 Your excuse is your thief. The future you’re waiting for is just a minute from now. You kept saying, ‘I will’, but you never did. A few years ago, you made a declaration to pursue that vision. Some years after, your life is still in unfulfilled declaration. A lot of people will go into the grave full of declarations that were never achieved. A lot of people will make excuses until it squeezes their futures, visions, dreams, purposes, and destinies out of them. One more excuse takes your reward from you. One more excuse takes your inner satisfaction away. The only way to make it is to take a step. All the conditions don’t need to be perfect before you pursue the vision. If you’re waiting for a perfect situation, you will only find it when you get to heaven. The world was not created perfect; it was created good. The good was left for you to perfect. You can only make it perfect when you get out of your slumbering bed and push that dream like a pregnant woman in the labour room. You can’t birth it by snoring. Some people are sleep walking with complete mental consciousness, but keep blaming others when they walk into the railway track with a speedy train coming in front of them. It is catastrophic to abandon your reason for creation to chase perishables. If it is not your calling, it will perish; if it is, posterity will back it.

Do you really want to know who the bully is? YOUR EXCUSES!

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In shadow boxing, a boxer goes through motion without an opponent. Anyone who exercises motion without a target dissipates energy without purpose. There is time for imaginary targets; there is also time for tangible targets. Life may begin with imagination but ends in reality. Reality is tangibility. Some people only live in imaginations; they never take purposeful actions. Purposeless actions are actions without targets. A man, who continuously lives life shadowboxing, evades or avoids direct or decisive action. To achieve a life of uniqueness, you must live and run with purpose. 

As you step into 2013, the only way to make it count is by taking actions that will lead to purposeful results. Wishful thinking and New Year resolutions don’t bring success. What brings success as you step into the year is the type of decisions you make, and the actions you’re willing to pursue logically and committedly. If you do nothing, even if you plan, you will end up nothing. In the beginning of 2012, a lot of people had good plans, but ended the year in regrets because they never worked on their plans. Plans alone don’t make things happen; it is good plans plus aggressive actions that do. 

As you step into 2013, what are the actions you should

Review the plans, decisions, actions, and attitudes of 2012: Why do you have to review 2012? Review helps you assess the activities of 2012. Assessing the past assists you in pointing out the areas that you did well; that is, your strengths. Knowing your strengths is useful because, you will have an idea of where your resources should be directed. Assessment also tells you where you were weak, and how to deal with the weaknesses. Apart from assessment, review is useful in evaluation. Evaluation gives you a value estimate of the gains and losses of the year, where the gains/losses were made or incurred, and how to focus on profitability or avoid deficits. So, as you step out of 2012 and step into 2013, you must do a careful examination of the previous year. A careful examination of the previous year makes you accountable.

Take responsibility for the successes and failures of 2012: Whatever the outcome of 2012, take responsibility. Do not blame anyone including yourself for the failures. Blaming yourself may lead to unnecessary guilt and condemnation. You don’t need to step into 2013 with guilt and condemnation. It’s not in your interest to do that. Praise yourself for the gains; learn lessons from the failures, and move on.

Set new goals: You can’t afford to step into 2013 without knowing what to expect at the end of the year. That will spell doom and disaster! Within your heart, you know what you want for the year; you have some expectations. In spite of your expectations, you must realise that without setting goals, you can’t score goals. If you want to succeed in 2013, you must set goals. If you don’t, the truth is that you will fail! Life has patterned its principles in such a way that without setting goals, you can’t succeed. When you set your goals, make sure they’re realistic. Do not set goals that are too big to achieve, and do not set the ones that are too easy to achieve. Set goals that will stretch you, but not break you.

Be importunate: Importunity is persistence, tenacity, and perseverance. To succeed, you must have a die-hard attitude. To score a goal, you must be ready to run, strategise, drive, and be resolute. If you’re not imperative and pertinent, you will end the year the same way you ended the previous one. It takes crazy people to beat the odds of any year. In any year, are insurmountable barriers that limit weak-minded people - except, you’re ready to die for your pursuit, you will back out when the going gets tough. Every year will always present its toughness. To make something out of it, you must be tougher. 

Where possible, form a strategic alliance: The problem with most people, visions, and businesses is that they hardly align with other forces. In your pursuit, it is not possible for you to possess the ability to do everything. Partnering with another person where you can augment each others pursuit is necessary. In augmentation, you can assist your partner perform tasks that require your skill without charging any money; your partner also does the same thing for you. Strategic alliance saves a lot of costs, and it helps you strengthen, enlarge, intensify, reinforce, and build your goal until it is achieved. Strategic alliance must be mutually beneficial; it must be a win-win alliance; otherwise, it is not worth it.

 In conclusion, be focused on achieving the best as you go into 2013. Don’t wait for things to happen, go ahead to make things happen. If you commit your life to winning in 2013, the reality is that you will win.

Compliments of the Season
Happy 2013
Kenneth Nkemnacho


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Talent is a special natural and innate ability to do things that the average human being cannot do. Talent is the aptitude, capability, expertise, endowment, and the capacity for achievement or success in a creative
dimension. People with talents are gifted to operate in their areas of callings with unbelievable ease. Everybody craves for talent. Everybody honours talented people. Everybody respects talented people. Apart from the honours and respects bestowed on talented people, it has become obvious in the modern world that talented people earn far more than an average person in the street. So, talent introduces a man to the world of affluence and fame; talent introduces a man to the world of material abundance. However, I have discovered that possessing talent isn’t enough. I have realised that success can kill if not properly managed; good things can destroy if there are no checks and balances. 

There are two stages of discipline involved in managing a talent. The first stage is the discipline that takes a man to the top; the second stage is the discipline that keeps a man at the top. To take full advantage of your gifting, you must aggressively and consistently cling to severe and rigorous hardwork. These characteristics push you through the ladder, until you get to the echelon of your career, profession, or pursuit. A lot of people who have succeeded acquired unusual skills through painstaking and pressure-soaking attitudes. Due to stage one discipline, they made it to the top of their giftings.

The discipline that keeps a talented person at the top is a lifetime assignment. This discipline is the most difficult aspect of managing success. Anyone who breaks the barriers of limitations can walk into success, but while at the top, there are no limitations. The only limitations on top are the ones you erect yourself. If you do not construct certain barriers while on top, you will self destruct. It is the barriers you build that will become your guiding principles. It is the limitations you place on yourself that will become your disciplined patterns.

Some people, while high up there, forget that they started from the floor, so, they act irrationally. Where there is no decorum, there can’t be order; where there is no order, you can’t find restraints. A life without restraint is a life heading to the ditch. A lot of people on top of the pyramid have been ditched because they kept breaching the laws of staying on top. It is easy to predict the destiny of a leader by looking into how he sits on his throne. To some people, sitting on their thrones is not enough. Until they sit on the heads of men, they never get satisfied. There are people who should be in the vanguard of success, but found themselves at the bottom because they lacked the character and discipline to stay on top. There are people in their rooms painting the pictures of success and failure at the same time. Instead of trading success, they decided to trade failure. A man called Emmanuel Ninger had what it took to live and die a successful man, but he opted for a downfall. 

Emmanuel Ninger known as ‘Jim the Penman’ was born in 1845; he died in 1924. He relocated from Germany to United States in 1882 with his wife Adelaide. Ninger was a painter; a very talented one. The bane of his life was that he was also a fraudster. In 1887, Ninger went to a neighbourhood grocery store to buy some vegetables. The cashier’s finger was wet, so she noticed ink on her fingers from the $20 banknote given to her by Ninger. After handing Ninger his change, she called in the Police. As a result of Ninger’s excellent skill in painting, one of the Policemen was sure that the banknote was real but the other wondered why ink would drip from it when water was dropped on it. When they got a warrant to search Ninger’s house, they discovered that he was a fraudster painting counterfeit banknotes. In short, during the search, they found a $20 note in process. They also found three portraits painted by Ninger. These portraits were later auctioned for $16000 (more than $5000 each). The most annoying part of the story was that it took Ninger the same time he used in painting a fake $20 note to paint a portrait of more than $5000. 

Ninger was not poor but his mindset told him he was, so he acted like one. Ninger was hard working but his mindset embraced the mentality of laziness, so he acted like one. Ninger had what it took to be among the greatest in his career, but his mindset told him he belonged to the gutters, so he acted like one. The mindset of a man controls his entire being. The mindset of a man determines his actions. The mindset of a man predicts his destination. To change a man, you must first change his thoughts. To change a man, you must first change the way he sees himself. To change a man, you must first change the way he sees the world. Perception is what determines conception. What a man thinks is what he gets impregnated with. The thoughts of a man are seeds waiting to be watered; when watered, they germinate and produce fruits. 

Do you know that there are people who hurt themselves with the impression that they’re hurting other people? Do you know that there are people who ravage their futures in the flames of ignorance, but believe that they’re maiming someone else? The choice to walk on disciplined principles unfolds immense benefits at the end of a purposeful pain. There are people who pour alcohols in the fizzy cans of life with the impression that they’re mocking the laws of success unknown to them that they’re cheating themselves. In man, is the ability to make life better or worse; in man is the potential to succeed or fail.

Some people, instead of drinking from the sweetness of life, decide to throw it away, and substitute it with the bitter lagers of life. Your life paints two pictures; one is fake the other is genuine. Your destiny drinks
from two cans; one is bitter, the other is sweet. To continue drinking from the
sweet can, let discipline guide your talent!

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A night before writing this article, I was in the studio section of a conference airing a live television programme. My reason for being there was because I couldn’t get a seat in the main hall as it was jam packed. While there, I began to notice and learn some life changing principles. I totally believe that principles are the laws of change; so I always embrace them when I find them. As I sat behind the Mixing Engineer, there was one word he kept repeating in almost every statement as he communicated with the Cameramen. I would hear him say, ‘Camera one, improve your focus. Camera two, your focus is blurred, zoom out. Camera three, focus on the man with the white shirt’. All through the programme, it was focus, focus, and focus.  What is focus? Focus is the central point of attraction, attention, and activity; focus is the place of concentration, convergence, and spotlight. In essence, focus is the ability to see one thing, hear one thing, and follow one thing. The problem with a lot of people is that they see, hear, and follow too many things. As a result, they end up nothing. You can only end up something when you see one thing. Seeing too many things makes you see nothing. There are people who study too many things and end up in confusion. To make a difference in life, you don’t need too many things. If you are not specific, you cannot be an expert. If you are not specific, you cannot be a specialist. I have heard or probably met people who are Medical Doctors and qualified Accountants at the same time. Such people boast of their qualifications, but if you take a closer look, you will discover that they are always in second positions in both careers; they’re hardly first. If you don’t put your eyes on one thing, and pursue it to the utmost, you will remain feeble and fickle. To be the best, you must be focused. Life without focus is life without form; life without focus is life without future. If you do not focus, you will be off-course. Being off-course is diverting or deviating from a set target; diverting or deviating from set target is derailment. No sensible person wants to join a train that is bound to derail. Derailment is tantamount to death; it is the quickest way to aborting a purposeful vision.

What you see, study, and work on daily, can easily be manipulated, innovated, or recreated. Understanding is the key to creativity. You cannot pursue three things at the same time and expect to know the details of those three things 100%. To be focused, you must make a choice. Your choice must go with your passion. I must make you understand that passion does not always bring instant hit; most choices made by passion require endurance before the dividends begin to manifest. In every focus, there’s a price to pay; when you pay it, you later gain it. It may take time, but focused people end up winning.

If you’re not known for one thing, no one will trust you. I cannot hand a responsibility to someone who is Jack of all trades because, I can’t tell how much he knows. Knowing a bit of everything doesn’t make you an
expert in anything. For creativity to be effective there must be specificity. As a person with a Biochemistry background, I know that enzymes are specific. Each enzyme digests only one type of food. For this reason, one molecule of enzyme can digest hundreds of thousands of molecules of its specific kind of food. You  can achieve so much in your area of choice if you are focused. Focus gives direction. Focus produces confidence. Focus makes a person an authority. No one will ask you to autograph what you did not create; you can only create what you focus on. I recently spoke in a conference in United Kingdom about Purpose based on one of my Books; Finding Real Purpose. As attendees were purchasing copies of the Book, most of them insisted that I have to autograph their copies. If I had not been specific or focused in my area of calling, I wouldn’t be able to author a book in that area. You cannot write about what you’re not focused on.

In conclusion, I would like to say that being everything and everywhere means going to and fro, back and forth; it means working but not making progress. Progress is achieved by focus; progress is attained by concentration. For the fact a man is sweating does not mean he’s advancing; advancement is gained by taking purposeful steps in a specific direction; not directions. Attempting to walk on two or more roads at the same time is equivalent to tearing yourself to pieces. If you’re in pieces, you can’t have peace. Where there is no peace, there is no feast. Be specific; see one thing. The power to excel is in the power of focus. Focused people end up as famous people!